Thursday, 15 March 2012

Want some money?...

Haven't posted anything in a while, but if you guys want some money you should head over to this website.

Friday, 27 January 2012

The death of the internet?...

I haven't posted in a while because I couldn't think of anything to write but in light of our good plans SOPA and friends I feel I need to have my rage moment.

All I ask is why...
For a long time I have enjoyed downloading things like music and videos, which most can't be bought in shops. However sometimes I do pay for my content. Furthermore the amount the modern day musician gets money from thousands of albums which are overpriced at £10 for around an hour of listening, concert tickets that hundreds of people show up to each time that will cost people around £50 so does it matter if a few thousand people download it... Also there are several modern day artists that have no musical talent and sell albums on their looks e.g. Justin Bieber, and Rebecca Black has no musical talent or looks... she just gets lucky. If these laws do pass it could mean the death of the internet as it would be illegal to do most things and there would just be a load of rubbish on media sites like YouTube...

So i beg the government... Don't kill my precious internet!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Women gamers...

On my Minecraft server yesterday, and two women joined... I was personally shocked because I rarely ever see female gamers. This made me start to think why are there so little of them?

I started by thinking is it the whole life genre that gaming comes with, causing the stereotype of being a nerd or geek, making them less popular among there fellow peers. On the other hand is it because they are not interested in the latest games and would rather sit on Facebook all day updating their statuses to stuff nobody could give a damn about... I was on Facebook a few days back and notice girls have been playing on consoles, this gave me hope that they might one day try different genres of games and expand to games like Skyrim or a FPS series.

I only know a few female gamers but it helps when it comes to socialising as you have some kind of common ground and have something to break the ice with/ talk about. It's a shame that some people don't know about Minecraft as it has sort of a storyline, lots of creativity and I think a great gateway game.

I think it would be great to see more female gamers, it will help the stereotype change and people can generally have fun and get along better... But hey that is just my opinion

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Making a website...

Yesterday I bought a domain name and a server slot to make my own website. the main idea was to use it for me and my friend's Minecraft server as a webpage to announce what was happening, trying to get donations and several other things... But I should have done my research first.

I was recommended that I install word press which I did without problem, but then the trouble started. first I had to search for a theme that I liked and was appropriate for the subject, this took me a while but eventually I found one but this was the least of my worrys. Then I got to work on designing the pages and realised i couldn't get individual text box's on one page, this made me frustrated but eventually I decided to separate the posts with a row of = signs. now I'm stuck with a twitter box that I don't want and some other problems.

If anyone could give me some tips I would greatly appreciate all help!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The new Minecraft...

Back in the day of the Minecraft 1.7 patch, I used to have a lot of fun on the game... this could be making random red stone wizardry contraptions or going onto online servers and having quests with friends. But as the patches have gone on I found the game to become annoying and tedious.

The main reason from my let down for this game is the addition of the hunger bar... No longer can I go onto an online survival server with friends to have fun mining for diamonds as we construct a house and survive without spending an hour looking for an animal to kill to get food. Some people say it makes the game more realistic... But I don't want realism I want to have fun! If i wanted realism I would go to the Amazon and get lost, I would then punch a tree to get wood and treat my self to a nice cup of piss. Sure there is a creative mode. But that is tedious and has no challenge to it because everything is given to you. I still enjoy the game and now that me and a few friends now own a server we can do what ever we wasn't and the hunger bar is now no longer an issue. Furthermore the game has gained some additional things that I like for example I now know if I'm tunnelling and there is a lava or water source behind a block that I'm about to dig through, and also the addition to breed animals so if your lucky enough to find 2 of the same animals near your house you can potential have an endless supply of food.

Overall I have nothing against this game and would recommend it to people who haven't played it before but nothing can beat the glory days of Minecraft 1.7

Bronies... Seriously?

When I was a child I enjoyed my childhood shows like Scooby doo or Tom and Jerry. But like most people as we grow older with time we become less interested in these shows and develop a more sophisticated appreciation for Television and entertainment. However some have not...

As I've recently heard middle age men are now watching children's shows like 'My little pony' not only is this pointless and pathetic... But it makes me ask my self where is the entertainment in it for them, unless they think they are 5-10 year old little girls, and if that's the case I would recommend that they seek mental advice! Recently a friend of mine admitted that he watches it to see the psychology behind the show (is it subliminal messaging... Maybe?) as he has watched several episodes he tells me that there is nothing special about it and is just a standard kids TV show... Knowing this it enrages me to know that they are just being idiotic and need to generally grow up. Why of all programs do they choose one for young girls...

This will always be a mystery to me, but I hope they all sort their lives out and become better people 


Basically I'm a guy who hates many things, they often are stupid things of people following tedious fasions and other pointless things that ruin a perfectly good society.