Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Making a website...

Yesterday I bought a domain name and a server slot to make my own website. the main idea was to use it for me and my friend's Minecraft server as a webpage to announce what was happening, trying to get donations and several other things... But I should have done my research first.

I was recommended that I install word press which I did without problem, but then the trouble started. first I had to search for a theme that I liked and was appropriate for the subject, this took me a while but eventually I found one but this was the least of my worrys. Then I got to work on designing the pages and realised i couldn't get individual text box's on one page, this made me frustrated but eventually I decided to separate the posts with a row of = signs. now I'm stuck with a twitter box that I don't want and some other problems.

If anyone could give me some tips I would greatly appreciate all help!


  1. wordpress can be a pain sometimes

  2. I wish i could, but im too lazy to learn HTML

  3. i will surely create a website as i got to know about it by your blog.. thanks for this post... really very usefull for me..
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