Thursday, 29 December 2011

Women gamers...

On my Minecraft server yesterday, and two women joined... I was personally shocked because I rarely ever see female gamers. This made me start to think why are there so little of them?

I started by thinking is it the whole life genre that gaming comes with, causing the stereotype of being a nerd or geek, making them less popular among there fellow peers. On the other hand is it because they are not interested in the latest games and would rather sit on Facebook all day updating their statuses to stuff nobody could give a damn about... I was on Facebook a few days back and notice girls have been playing on consoles, this gave me hope that they might one day try different genres of games and expand to games like Skyrim or a FPS series.

I only know a few female gamers but it helps when it comes to socialising as you have some kind of common ground and have something to break the ice with/ talk about. It's a shame that some people don't know about Minecraft as it has sort of a storyline, lots of creativity and I think a great gateway game.

I think it would be great to see more female gamers, it will help the stereotype change and people can generally have fun and get along better... But hey that is just my opinion


  1. nowdays, nerd is the new black, man

  2. Vulcan you always have the best of remarks. You crack me up!

  3. I know a bunch of gamer women.

  4. Vulcan is correct. I'm a black man and I now have no friends because of the nerds.