Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bronies... Seriously?

When I was a child I enjoyed my childhood shows like Scooby doo or Tom and Jerry. But like most people as we grow older with time we become less interested in these shows and develop a more sophisticated appreciation for Television and entertainment. However some have not...

As I've recently heard middle age men are now watching children's shows like 'My little pony' not only is this pointless and pathetic... But it makes me ask my self where is the entertainment in it for them, unless they think they are 5-10 year old little girls, and if that's the case I would recommend that they seek mental advice! Recently a friend of mine admitted that he watches it to see the psychology behind the show (is it subliminal messaging... Maybe?) as he has watched several episodes he tells me that there is nothing special about it and is just a standard kids TV show... Knowing this it enrages me to know that they are just being idiotic and need to generally grow up. Why of all programs do they choose one for young girls...

This will always be a mystery to me, but I hope they all sort their lives out and become better people 

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  1. sad thing is, MLP was an old show... but these people you talk about.... it's crazy. it's not even for the nostalgia